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a field full of red and yellow flowers under a blue sky with clouds in the background
an old building with vines growing out of it
Trastevere 6
a tall building with lots of windows next to a street sign and telephone pole in front of it
Trastevere 5
black and white photograph of an old building with graffiti on the walls, next to a brick wall
Trastevere 4
black and white photo of fountain with horse statue
Trastevere 3
a motorcycle parked on the side of an alley way in front of some old buildings
Trastevere 2
the shadow of a street light on an old building
Trastevere 1
an aerial view of a lush green valley with trees and houses in the distance, surrounded by rolling hills
people are standing in front of a christmas tree on a city street at night time
Stephansplatz di sera
a black and white photo of a city with trees in the foreground, water reflecting on the ground
an old brick street with cobblestones and buildings
an image of a lake with trees in the background
Laghetto di Villa Borghese
an iron gate with a sign on it and potted plants in the foreground
an old building sitting on the side of a river
Chateaux de Feluy
an image of trees that are in the woods with yellow leaves on them and green foliage