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Andrew gignonus

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where can i get a ring like this?

Enamel Silver Unique Engagement Ring Customized Wedding Ring Gradient Purple Blue/ Grass Green Frozen Leaf with Holy Mysterious Pearl

This ring is wonderful against a ring or on its own! I made it out of heavy sterling silver wire. The band curves out into a V with a 4mm

Black Rough Amethyst Ring gemstone ring raw stone by tooriginal, $68.00

uncut emerald ring

The coolest uncut aquamarine rock. #etsyjewelry

Raw Uncut Aquamarine Diamond Gold Engagement Ring by byAngeline

Zircon gemstone ring,branch ring,sterling silver,handmade,rough stone,raw,uncut,December birthstone ring,made to order.

LIGHT BLUE Stroili Oro Anello in oro bianco, topazio e swarovski zirconia cod. 1601421 Prezzo: 309.00 Euro