Gianni Marni
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String them!!!

String Gardens: Grow plants in balls of soil/moss tied together with string and hang them! (Dunk in water to refresh.) GREAT idea for my greenhouse pitcher plants.

Candle holders?

Cut a glass bottle in two using nail polish remover, a flame, and yarn. Then turn it into an indoor planter.

Poster de Raias

Summary: When one needs to trace tropical reef species he just needs to see the how bright and colored are these fish. They can always improve the sight of an aquarium.

Give unused glass pieces a fresh look with a simple aquatic plant! Follow Fernwood for other fun ideas like this one!

Water Garden Creating a container water garden is one of many cool ways to beat the summer heat. These plants need sun but they don't require soil because they get their nutrients from water. Brilliant idea from Martha Stewart! by planterresource