Beato Domenico Lentini

The blessed was born and died in Lauria
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Illustration of Venerable Domenico Lentini from Lauria (Publisher "S. Lega Eucaristica")

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With a crucifix and scourge on his hands. It was made by Mariano Lanziani and kept in Lauria's town council. Likely that's a derivative artwork of another one created in the late of 19th century by an unknown artist and kept into Lauria's mother church of "san Nicola di Bari".

Illustration of Blessed Domenico Lentini (artist unknown)

20th century's oil painting by Emilio Larocca into the mother church of "San Nicola di Bari" in Lauria.

The derivative artwork made in 2001 by Enzo De Filippo (Lagonegro) is kept in the head office of the organization (ONLUS) Associazione di Volontariato per i Disabili "Angelo Custode" nearby Lentini foundation in Lauria.

F. Cipolla's artwork of the late 19th century.

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