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sweptaway-bybooks: “ ✌🏼️ with an abundance of Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself, London fog’s and an unequivocal building love for the characters of A Little Life 😌 plus a sock change.

Breakfast in bed and some serious fall dreaming I'm ready for all of the coziness!!! Too early though?

breakfast in bed - knee high socks, plaid red blanket, and book + cinnamon buns and coffee to eat

pijamas all day shop on line

Farewell letter from

read books drink coffee & wear comfy socks on / what I need on lazy Sundays

~~by looks this would be a dream vacation for me!!~~ Perivolas - Greece

Pictures of Perivolas Boutique Hotel in Oia Greece. Without a doubt one of the most beautiful and unique hotel in the world. For you a living dream life.

A Colsie (old Scots for cozy) blanket to keep the chill away has become a regular fixture in my house and I’ve taken to walking around swaddled in it 🙌🏻.

I love these moments, waking up to a chourus of sweet music sung by the birds, a sweet melody coming from thier cute tiny little throats. And the golden sun shining down on everyone. It IS the goodness of God. For these moments Lord I am forever grateful

gholdist: “ fenday: “x ” ”

This is exactly what a perfect morning looks like to me ! Coffee, healthy breakfast and books/computer/my Love next to me.

Books & candles

pollyandbooks: “rereading a favourite book, scribbling in my journal + dreaming of autumn ♡” ready for the autumn weather

semplicemente buongiorno