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Small arrows tattoo design....Feliz martes. Gracias por seguir mi trabajo :)

A not so little #arrow #tattoo #design sorted by mikestattoosuk

Wait what? I got a tattoo?? Thank you @chrisphippsgallery for my first tattoo! It's perfect!

Tassio: Fé e amor! Flechinha feminina bem delicada disponível p tatuar! #draw #desenho #art #arte #ink ...

The Last 7 Words of Jesus: A Lenten Meditation | The Catholic Company

My newest tattoo! Under my right arm down the ribs. A unique original cross design hand-painted by a Japanese lady with authentic Japanese writing implements. Local tattoo artist. 2 days old.

Three Nails by hassified.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

What if Superman had a beard? Sometimes I think about my pins appearing among all the instructions about how to make pastel vegan frosting for your wedding cupcakes.