Uy mi amor ya no puedo el extrañamiento me urgia que acabara shabat para ver mis pines Yo me imagino todo el dia que estaras haciendo tambien... Te amo quiero vivir contigo ya

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Your breasts. Your dress. His hands. His chest. His power. Inch by beautiful inch. Your fullness. My sissy.

L'amore vero si alimenta da sè,ti cresce dentro senza che tu faccia nulla.(Gian)............................True love is nourished by itself, growing inside you without you do anything

mi dissero che per farla innamorare dovevo fala ridere. I was told that I had to make her fall in love with her laugh .

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Cuddles ♥

I just want to sleep with you, not like have sex either but the cute kind. My head on your chest, snuggling under a blanket. Talk about the future and fall asleep in your arms.