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Gif. When someone says "benedict cumberbatch"

(Gif) When someone says "Benedict Cumberbatch" <-- true story. I actually did this and ran into the other room because the tv was on CNN and they went taking about The Fifth Estate ;

Benedict & Martin - because only best friends can tell who you are by your feet.

Benedict Martin - because only best friends can tell who you are by your's a Hobbit interview, and the only feet ever discuss are Hobbit feet, therefore, if feet are the subject, then. Ben apparently thought it through.

Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch on the set of the Hobbit!!!

Benedict & Martin on set of The Hobbit. HD Wallpaper and background photos of Benedict & Martin on set of The Hobbit for fans of Benedict Cumberbatch images.

After the scene in The Empty Hearse - WHAT THE HECK

These three made for quite an interesting (and, as ever, brilliant) opening episode for series three, I thought :]

Benedict Cumberbatch. Oh my....I have no words for this :D

John Barrowman (The most fabulous man) John Simm (Master of my heart) Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlly, that little black dress looks brilliant) David Tennant (Will always be my Doctor, Doctor.


Imagine, the proud new Cumberbatch parents sitting with the new baby. I AM DEATH." And the his mom gets so freaked out that she tries to throw him against the wall, but he turns into a baby dragon and flies away.