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Weld Mask Product Industrial Machinery Concept Futuristic Angular Black

Inspired by medieval knights, the Speedglas welding shield has turned an entire global working force of craftsmen into everyday heroes. It has become a modern-day fairy tale, and a milestone in the history of industrial design.


After seeing GOTG this weekend and falling in love with Chris Pratt I am obsessed with the idea of this slightly-goofy new superhero and can't wait to see more of Star-Lord! Mondo Poster for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY with Star-Lord - Francesco Francavilla

Lego R2 Looks Sweet in Black and Gold

The artist took the directions from kit 10225 and picked through his LEGO collection to create this for Legoland Star Wars Days. Took him four days to get it complete.

Poseidon in Legos by Brickbaron, via Flickr

Lego art: 43 designs that will blow your mind!—Who doesn't love Lego art? In our Lego gallery we curate the finest works of Lego art from around the web.

rEvolution by zane_houston, via Flickr

Super Awesome LEGO Gorilla Mech driven by a Chimp "rEvolution" by Zane Houston