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Courtesy of Amelia Sposa Wedding Dresses

Courtesy of Amelia Sposa Wedding Dresses

Мелания и Дональд Трамп

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld,who recently dressed First Lady Melania Trump's outfit for her first official appearance at the White House, says he doesn't mix fashion and politics.

Лучшие образы первой леди Мелании Трамп -

Donald Trump and Melania Trump attend Central Park Horse Show presented by Rolex and produced by Chronicle of the Horse where Land Rover was the.

La complicada maleta de Melania e Ivanka Trump para su viaje a Medio Oriente

US First Lady Melania Trump (C) is seen ahead of the Arab Islamic American Summit at the King Abdulaziz Conference Center in Riyadh on May US President Donald Trump told dozens of Muslim .

Биография Мелании Трамп: 100 фото и интересные факты

Melania Trump pictured at their vast Trump Tower apartment ~ RADICAL CRIBS! As a foreign born & communist raised American-Immigrant, she'll teach many Americans what they didn't learn in school: Culture & Diversity!