ANIMATED GIF Mika - Naughty boy You'll be the cause of my death but I am not even mad at you cause I love you❤

“You are in a bubble and as soon as you leave this person, you have only one idea in your mind: to see him again„

Mika and his 3 sisters, Yasmine, Paloma, and Zuleika

M ichael Holbrook Penniman, was born in Beruit, Lebanon on the of August Mika the thrid out of five children to be born to an American businessman father, and a Lebanese clothes designer.

Yup, I love this dummy

He is a beautiful dork, this one

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Mika Grace Kelly

Mika Grace Kelly

Mika Grace Kelly by halloweenqueen - A Member of the Internet's Largest Humor Community

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ANIMATED GIF Mika's adorable! 20 Minutos

He's adorable!

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