I love these kind of light,always reminds me of Christmas when I was a kid, and the colours always remind me of quality streets,lol

Vintage Midget Christmas Lights

old christmas lights Vintage Christmas Tree Lights: what can we find? we had these on our tree when I was a kid and they are sooo beautiful, no comparison to the ones you get today unfortuna

Cámara de fotos Werlisa Star años 60 Más

My dad always wore a camera case like this when we were on vacation

ping balls

because the balls were so light, you could play this game inside or outside.

Remember when

I had this Chinese Checkers set! You stored the marbles inside the metal tin. I ruled Chinese Checkers!

Motorola StarTAC - was my very first cell phone.

Motorola StarTAC - Inspired by Star Trek communicator

Noi che litigavamo

Noi che litigavamo

Candele e angeli

Mom and Dad had one of these - candle tapers went in the prongs at the base and the heat from the flame made the angels spin around! Vintage Christmas ANGEL CANDLE CHIMES with star made in Sweden

Vintage, Nostalgia, Advertising

Noi che avevamo il calendario con i cubi

Noi che avevamo il calendario con i cubi