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The 10 Most Beautiful Places in Iceland

Vik is Iceland’s southernmost village and faces the open Atlantic Ocean, framed by a long black volcanic sand beach. Less than 300 people live in Vik, but it is the biggest settlement for some mi). Click through to read why Vik Iceland is a MUST Se

Jerome Sahyoun - Galicia - Spain; credits : @bastien Bonnarme surf, surfing, watershot, ocean, spain, galicia, waves

In Northern Mindanao lies a small island with a huge credibility. It has actually been dubbed as the supreme browsing destination in the Philippines. Immigrants and out-of-town residents alike have actually taken a trip to Siargao to experience for.

Galicia, North Spain #surfing #flatness

Galicia, North Spain #surfing #flatness

Vista de Los Urros, con los Picos de Europa de fondo. Cantabria Spain

Vista de Los Urros,with Picos de Europa behind .Over dogs every year are tortured to death in Spain. Dogs for hunting and Galgo races (Spanish Greyhounds). Hanged, thrown alive into wells or/and burned alive.

Argentina: A Skier's Journey EP3 [Season 2] is a road trip through some of Argentina's lesser known ski locations, covering nearly 4000km down the windswept spine of the seemingly endless Andes mountain range. Chad Sayers, joined in part by local skier Maximilliano Artoni, explores desert and pampas, Cohiue and Auracaria, pumice and ash, cardboard and blower, sunshine and wind, granite spire and some bubbling agua termale.  Presented by, The GORE-TEX® Brand, and…

Argentina: A Skier's Journey [Season is a road trip through some of Argentina's lesser known ski locations, covering nearly down the windswept…

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