Col tempo impari a tenerti le cose dentro, non perché hai un carattere chiuso, ma perché spesso spiegare è inutile. Tanto alla fine le persone che ti capiscono veramente sono quelle a cui non hai bisogno di spiegare nulla.

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Over time you learn to keep things inside, not because you have a closed character, but because often it is useless to explain. So in the end people do they really understand are those to which you do not need to explain anything .

Per il compleanno di mia mamma. Citazione

Un casino !

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More and More Pin: Nail Art

This manicure would be perfect for fall! Loving the black and turquoise designs with gems!


In dialetto siciliano si dice: Amici e guardati~~~Here we are again girls:-)


when you come across friendship the heart leaves a feeling that doesn't leaves

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chibird: “ Everyone finds a friend in the end, even the little cactus. :D Sidenote: I had an amazing/crazy time at state’s and prom. We’re going to national’s again! I’ll post more drawings this week.

nail art con cuori per san valentino

20 Pretty Nail Designs For Valentine’s Day.change the dot design to zebra or cheetah!