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gennaro arillo
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natural-mente-stefy: come fare LA VERNICE NATURALE PER ESTERNI ED INTERNI casa ......

Hmmmm I'm intrigued to try this and see if it works! Homemade Flour and Linseed Oil Paint That Will Last 5 to 10 Years For Outdoor Use.

Liquid Lights #Glass, #Lamp, #LED, #Light, #Plumbing

This lamp is made from an old faucet, efficient LED lighting, plumbing and hardware recycling, sculped hand drops. This combination makes these fantastic lights, lighting solutions

Lampshades from reused coat hangers in lights  with Reused Light Lamp Hangers coat

"penja-llums", is a collection of hanging lamps made from old reused coat hangers. Exhibited at International Festival of Recycling Art of Catalonia. Designed by Bernat Capellades (Barcelona