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an advertisement for the italian ice cream company prima giorno and prima vecchini
primo giorno di primavera - combo - by Tonitto
two small cakes in a white bowl on a pink and white tablecloth with flowers
amata dolce primavera by Tonitto
three ice cream covered desserts sitting on top of a white plate with wooden sticks
morbido stecco croccante by Tonitto
a pink smoothie in a bowl with hearts on the side and a sign that says be my valentine
be my Valentine by Tonitto
a scoop of chocolate ice cream with the words pausa al cafe in spanish
pausa al caffè in crema! by Tonitto
three scoops of ice cream in a pink cup
il lato rosa della vita! by Tonitto
an image of a drink in a glass with cinnamon stick and star anise on top
dolce invernale da bere by Tonitto