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a piece of art that has been altered to look like a butterfly with lots of colors on it
Complementi d'arredo online su NetCasa
Quadro FARFALLA Giardino Arredo Casa
a watercolor painting of dandelions floating in the air with blue sky and clouds behind them
aquarelle / pissenlits
a white and black dragonfly sitting on top of a table
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Pebble Art of NS by Sharon Nowlan by PebbleArt on Etsy, $99.00
a piece of wood that has some kind of dragonfly on it's side
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three different types of rocks and pebbles on a white surface
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Guijarro arte Seashell libélulas por EmilysNatureEmporium en Etsy
a dragonfly made out of stones in a frame
Dragonfly Pebble Art
an image of a dragonfly made out of rocks and pebbles on a piece of paper
Dragonfly Pebble Art Collage
Beach Grass — Dragonfly Pebble Art Collage
an abstract painting of flowers in a vase on a blue tablecloth with white and pink stripes
http://www.efgart.com/about-erin.html Erin Fitzhugh Gregory. Modern art. American painter.
a painting of pink flowers in a vase
Angela Moulton
an abstract painting of a woman dancing
Kai Fine Art
Elena Filatov
two dandelions in front of a blue background
Dandelion print. Gah, I want this!!!!!
an oil painting on canvas of a city street at night with lights and trees in the rain
ForgottenPhantom on DeviantArt
Art Title: BEFORE MORNING Artist- Leonid Afremov. His paintings are just a mouthful of colors! Beautiful!