So true.

Inspirational – Positive Quotes –Good Messages – Great Words – Inspiring Sayings - Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle Christian D.

So there is a word for it

I am a Pluviophile. I love, love the rain. *(n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days

So true

Kitchen art wall decor print poster by TheShufflePrintsShop

Installation Art

Shadow art installations featuring artists Kumi Yamashita, and Tim Noble + Sue Webster


Rusalka by Julia Morozova. Flowers in water

❤️✈️ Once a year, travel someplace you have never been before...Dalai Lama

I want to explore the world around me and see all the places and things this world has to offer. I want to travel. I think the soul needs some adventure and experience to truly sense happiness.


A garden store. "Seeds for vegetable and flower gardens"

★ Vintage & Co. ★

★ Vintage & Co. ★

I tuoi #sogni sono ciò che ti farà andare sempre avanti con un sorriso! #unidealgiorno #dilloconbpaper

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"siamo sempre e solo di dove vogliamo essere e il resto è semplice geografia della scusa"

DIY: un quadro e delle parole

ne pas perdre son temps

do not waste your time with explanations : people hear what they want to hear

Citazioni - Quotes - (from Italian) "No stepping on dreams."

Forbidden to trample on dreams

Stai serena lo dici al meteo

Là dove parla l'ignoranza, l'intelligenza sorride in silenzio.

Where ignorance speaks, intelligence silently smiles.



Jollina, la penna profumata

Jollina, la penna profumata