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a woman in a blue dress with a dove on her lap and the words, i am
a woman in a purple dress holding a potted plant next to a white dove
Alma, Ama, Feliz, Luna
a woman in a white dress holding a basket with flowers and butterflies above her head
a woman wearing a straw hat with flowers on her head and the words salmos 32 - 29
a woman sitting on a swing reading a book
a woman sitting on top of a bed next to a cup of coffee and saucer
Bonitos, Camino, Abba
a person holding an open book in their hand
No olvides esto
Lee esto si te sientes solo o triste
a woman with long red hair wearing a hat and green dress is standing in the woods
the back of a woman's head with flowers in her hand and text that reads, hebreos 13 - 15
a basket filled with pink flowers sitting on top of a table
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