Manuel Lecci

Manuel Lecci

Manuel Lecci
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William S. Burroughs & Joe Strummer

William S. Burroughs & Joe Strummer listening to Bill Piekarz muse about the meaning of life.

Dennis Hopper, John Huston & John Ford.

Dennis Hopper, John Ford & John Huston in bed together. By Viktor Skrebneski, 13 September Palm Springs, California. Dennis Hopper explains: “John Houston (sic) and I were doing an ad for whisky with Victor Skrebneski.

Michelangelo Antonioni

Dear Antonioni Documentary portrait of director Michelangelo Antonioni. In 1980 the great French philosopher and author Roland Barthes wrote an open letter to Antonioni.

David Cronenberg

David Cronenberg is a Canadian cult director,he directed many well known bone chillers for example an well known adaption of one of stephen king's many novels "The Dead Zone" He is considered to be one of the best directors Canada has ever seen.