Oskar SCHLEMMER Das Triadische ballett- Bauhaus Academy of the Arts, Berlin, The Golden Sphere Costume, Triadic Ballet, danseur Albert Burger

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Jumping Jack, dancer: Nicholas Losada, “The Triadic Ballet” by Gerhard Bohner, Bavarian State Ballet II, © Charles Tandy 2014

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a New York City Ballet production by Justin Peck with music by composer Bryce Dessner, stage design and costumes by Marcel Dzama and a story based on Hans Christian Andersen's dark fairy tale of the same name

Resultado de imagem para Bauhaus Ausstellung, 1923 with the logo designed by Oskar Schlemmer

David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust jumpsuit from designed by Kansai Yamamoto has some similarities with the bauhaus ballet costumes. This is how powerfull can be bauhaus movement!

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