Desayunador,mesa, o escritorio de quitar  la tabla del medio o bien la propia idea...adelante!

Love this idea Kitchen Island or table, made from upcycled recycled wooden crates. Nice idea for a craft room. Now if someone could only tell me where the hey diddle diddle to get wooden crates and pallets cheap, I'd be set!

Almohadones realizados con material reciclado sea con telas de  ropas en desuso, restos o recortes y los apliques en tela de imágenes creadas  con otras telas o bien  con decoupage.

A Family of Owls Applique cushion Pattern by claireturpindesign - I rarely have the urge to sew anything, but something about this makes me say, "I want!" (even if it DOES ship from Australia) (Seriously - it's a pattern. They can't make a PDF?

Sobre un soporte reciclado, se traza un diseño sencillo y se pegan botones. Un trabajo fácil, sencillo.Ideal para realizar con niños-

This painting is titled "Perfect Day." It measures on canvas. I used buttons in replace of leaves. This can be purchased at [link] Button Tree Acrylic Painting

Tableros realizados con corchos.

Glue Corks into a Picture Frame to Make a Bulletin Board Diy home decor, great wine lover gift

Top 10 Unusual Uses for Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

Top 10 Unusual Uses for Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

Use toilet paper rolls to start your plants. When ready to plant, stick the whole roll in the ground. Roll will decompose.the toilet paper rolls got moldy before the plants grew. I will stick with growing my seeds in plastic containers .

Things to do with milk jugs

Before you toss your next plastic milk jug into the recycling bin, you just might want to turn it into a sandwich/lunch box. No need for a lunch box? Could be a cute gift box. {Need: milk jug, marker, scissors, thumbtack and an adhesive-backed Velcro}