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an overhead view of some stairs with metal railings and rails on the bottom floor
Montascale Garaventa scala multirampe a Taranto.
the stairs are made of marble and have metal handrails, along with an electronic device on top
Montascale X3 una pratica soluzione per scale rettilinee condominiali.
an automated stair lift on the side of a brick building with stairs leading up to it
Montascale a piattaforma con poltroncina applicata alla spalliera. Foggia (Puglia)
there is a hand rail on the stairs
Montascale Brindisi con curva negativa
there is a set of stairs leading up to the building
Montascale al Museo di Storia Naturale di Calci (Pisa)
a metal stair railing in front of a window
Montascale su scala particolare a Crotone.
an electronic device mounted to the side of a wall in front of bookshelves
Montascale a La Feltrinelli di Milano.
an entrance to a building with steps and railings
Montascale Artira alla Reggia di Caserta.
the inside of an office building with stairs leading up to two large windows and signs hanging from the ceiling
Montascale al Museo de "La Triennale" di Milano.
an escalator in a building with blue walls
Montascale al museo del Novecento a Milano. PIazza Duomo.
a stair case next to a brick wall with metal handrails and railing on both sides
montascale X3 minimo ingombro
an electric box sitting on the side of a road
servoscale a piattaforma a Lecco
an older woman sitting in a motorized chair