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Mattia Garassini

Mattia Garassini
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Old Chinese gourd charm displaying bats representing the "five blessings", "five happinesses" or "five good fortunes"

A gourd charm, the traditional container of the pill of immortality. It was believed that the pill of immortality could be created inside the gourd, but it is of course only a symbol of the firing process.

Plague Doctor Statue

In 1665 around of Plague kills about (This is a Plague doctor, they would only treat plague patients.Plague doctors wore a mask with a bird-like beak to protect them from being infected by the disease, which they believed was airborne)

Steampunk mask $475 Hmm like the mask idea but not the price or this style. Matbe more of an owl or a hawk?

"This is actually a mask the Doctors wore so as not to contract fatal diseases back in Victorian era" (or so it claims.I don't recall Victorian doctors wearing Plague masks.I think it's Steampunk and someone bs'd the description.