Valerio Galli

Valerio Galli

Valerio Galli
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1. Cyan; 2. Softbox 1/2 CTO Using the same colors but a different lighting, we can have a softer render. Here the cyan reflects on a white wall and a reflector is added under the model

Light Set-up Cyan; I really love this color, it gives a dark and cold mood that is really nice . The mix with the CTO is perfect to me. For this image I installed a Stripbox at with the cyan, and a square softbox with a CTO filter.

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Le migliori immagini a infrarossi dello Spazio

The Whirlpool Galaxy, the red spiral, and its companion galaxy, NG 5195 are 23 million light-years from Earth. The warm dust in red is a sign of active star formation probably triggered by a collision between the two galaxies.