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We carefully select the best among the excellence of made in Italy home lifestyle, those brands that celebrate the craftsmanship of the past and carry it…
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a person holding a large glass vase on top of a table
a man in an apron is working on something
Step into our creative universe | Iittala
A vase from the iconic Alvar Aalto Collection takes shape in the Iittala factory.
a man is making a vase out of clay
Traditions Passed Down Through Generations - Italy Segreta
many clay vases are sitting in a room
Traditions Passed Down Through Generations - Italy Segreta
two hands are working on a wooden bench made out of pieces of wood and plywood
Medulum is a furniture company founded in Meolo, in the Venetian hinterland, that takes advantage of the precious 40 years of experience of the Zanchettin family’s carpentry. A brand that fascinates with creations full of evocations, between elegance, refinement and tradition.
a person drawing on a piece of glass
Martinelli Luce
Martinelli Luce was born in 1950, in the heart of Lucca, from the intuition of Elio Martinelli, one of the most important designers of the 1960s and 1970s in the lighting industry. The company distinguishes itself from the beginning for the creative culture and design originality that pervade every creation and, over the years, has become a reference point for Italian design in the world.
a woman is making something out of paper on a table with a lamp and other items in the background
Discover HomoFaber in Venice: through art we can learn how to be thoughtful with our resources and breach this know-how into the future! A Short Guide to Homo Faber 2022 Check more at
black and white photograph of a man in a pottery shop with lots of vases
Marioni is a manufacturer of furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories, made with particular attention to the selection of materials, colour combinations, finishes and decorations. Its history is that of a family business, founded in 1966 in Calenzano, near Florence, where the art of creating objects that are unmistakable for refinement and flair has its roots in the Renaissance.
two men working on mattresses in a room
Fratelli Boffi
Fratelli Boffi is an Italian company that since 1928 has been making furnishings with sculpted shapes, inspired by classicism and revisited with a modern take.
a man is working on some metal parts with a machine in his hand and he is holding the handle
Il Fanale
Since 1979 Il Fanale has been creating real works of art and light that combine lighting design, craftsmanship and technology. An unmistakable reference to the Italian stylistic tradition, sought in every detail.
a man working on something with green light in his hand and welding equipment around him
Midj is a Friulian family-run furniture company that since 1987 has been celebrating made in Italy as a true way of thinking and living, becoming the bearer of unique know-how in the world. Over the years, Midj has brought the typical care of an artisan production to an industrial size, giving life to products with attention to the smallest detail, which meet the needs of contemporary living.
an overhead view of a man working on some type of paneling with scissors and glue
Horm is a Friulian furniture company that has been producing high-end design furniture for home and contract spaces since 1989, combining technology, know-how and research.
a man sitting at a table in a room with lots of pottery on the shelves
The 5 x 5: The Best of Italian Cities - Italy Segreta
September 2022: An only somewhat subjective list of what our favorite Italian cities are best at from bridges to happiness to ceramics.
a man standing next to a wall with circles painted on it
Horm offers a contemporary style, reinterpreted through the culture and craftsmanship of made in Italy. Each furnishing solution, from tables to bookcases, combines design, technology and know-how and is designed for the different expressions and activities of everyday life.
a man is making a vase out of clay with his hands on the top of it
Nuove Forme
Passion, technique and creative flair. Nuove Forme ceramic creations wisely combine past and present, in an incessant experimentation of shapes, colours and textures. Unique collections, symbol of made in Italy craftsmanship.