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an olive tree in a pot next to a lantern on the ground near some stairs
Il Fanale Lanterna Slim lamp
Like a casket of light, the Lanterna Slim lamp illuminates the surroundings, creating an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere. The lines are discreet and elegant, while the antique brass structure makes it ideal even for the most natural contexts.
a white bench sitting in the middle of a lush green park next to a house
Emu Ivy lounge chair
Translating a new outdoor living concept – a steel living area influenced by industrial design – Ivy armchair is characterized by a linear and rigorous design and soft and sinuous shapes. A defining feature of this collection is the steel mesh sheet interacting with voids and solids, achieving an effect of airy lightness. Imposing hollow forms, which merge with the surrounding nature, harmonise with the interwoven motifs in perfect balance.
two lawn chairs sitting on top of a gravel covered field next to a body of water
Emu Ciak armchair
Formal research, attention to detail and combination of technological materials characterize Ciak, the contemporary director’s chair of Stefan Diez. Essential and refined, Ciak represents the perfect synthesis between functionality and design. The spiral line of the aluminum structure and the high-performance fabric characterize the seat, creating a solid and long-lasting outdoor product, suitable for different environments.
an outdoor dining table with chairs around it near the water and trees, next to a swimming pool
Midj Akashi table
Minimal design and light volumes distinguish the Akashi table. Its name evokes the longest Japanese suspension bridge in the world. Like this great work of engineering, which does not have an excessive supporting structure, the stability of the table is not compromised, remaining long and thin. A functional and versatile complement, capable of getting noticed thanks to an original material and chromatic combination. Akashi interprets every furnishing need and also adapts to outdoor spaces.
an apple orchard with trees and benches in the grass
Internoitaliano Cave stool
Cave is an outdoor terracotta stool ideal for decorating the garden. The choice of a natural material such as clay, shaped to become terracotta together with a workmanship, that of the millenary manual production of orci – jars used in ancient times for the conservation of food and wine – inspired the designer Mario Scairato to search “for a an object that could live in symbiosis with nature, tamed or not, but above all that could acquire charm as it ages.” Weather and ice resistant.
the re - trouve collection by emu
Emu Re-Trouvé armchair
The Re-Trouvé armchair originates from traditional forms, rediscovered and reinterpreted with irony and originality. The result is a furnishing solution that expresses its elegance and personality both in classic contexts and in contemporary settings. Geometric designs consisting of repeated diamond-shaped patterns create unusual and charming forms. Re-Trouvé fits naturally into any outdoor environment.
an outdoor dining area with wooden chairs and table surrounded by greenery on the side of a hill
Emu Twins collection
Made of teak and aluminum, the Twins lounge chair is a practical and versatile furnishing solution, characterized by a modern and essential design, with an almost exotic charm. A functional complement that adapts perfectly to different environments.
two chairs sitting under a tree in front of a glass door that opens to a patio
Emu Twins lounge chair
Made of teak and aluminum, the Twins lounge chair is a practical and versatile furnishing solution, characterized by a modern and essential design, with an almost exotic charm. A functional complement that adapts perfectly to different environments.
two lamps hanging from the ceiling above some rocks
Karman Alibabig lamp
Charm and formal essentiality are intertwined in an absolutely surprising lighting solution. Made of fiberglass, the Alibabig pendant lamp is completely enveloped in light. Placed in outdoor spaces, it creates suggestive and dreamy scenarios.
some white metal poles sitting in front of a stone wall at night with lights on them
Karman Tobia outdoor collection
Tobia transforms traditional garden tools into an extravagant and contemporary lamp with a pure white colour. The light thus takes possession of forgotten tools, which come to life with irony and lightness, rediscovering a new use. A new adventure begins for them in places unknown until now. The light source, placed on the back of the handle, enhances the object and its shape.
an outdoor dining area with tables and chairs near the water
Plust Fade collection
Made of polyethylene, the Fade collection stands out thanks to its grooved surface and special finishes that evoke the effect of natural materials such as stone and granite.
two large planters sitting on top of a grass covered field next to a building
Il Fanale Bole lamp
The Bole outdoor lamp is characterised by a cylindrical monobloc that reaches its completeness with the addition of flower and plant pots. Functionality and aesthetics blend, integrating with the surrounding landscape.
a large white vase sitting on top of a stone floor next to a potted plant
Plust Fade floor lamp
Fade is a majestic floor lamp that stands out thanks to its sculptural presence and the ribbed surface, which gives a singular effect of light and shadow.
an outdoor dining area with green chairs and table
How Tricia Guild transformed her Italian garden into a summer delight