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The Italian glass art, between tradition, innovation and beauty
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a glass chandelier hanging from the ceiling in a room with stairs and windows
Karman Ceraunavolta chandelier
The Ceraunavolta chandelier is a reunion of blown glasses one by one in different shapes. The lamps look like shapeless clouds that the light penetrates and passes, generating infinite and changing chromatic effects.
a yellow glass vase sitting on top of a white table
Oggetti decorativi in Vendita in Asta Online - Catawiki
Attr. Seguso – Vaso Vetro Soffiato – Murano
a blue and black vase sitting on top of a white table next to a wall
Salviati Sassi blue vase
Hand-blown Murano glass vase.
many different colored glass cups on a table
Collezione Dandy - NasonMoretti Store
Collezione Dandy - NasonMoretti Store
several blue glass vases hanging from a ceiling
Karman Ceraunavolta chandelier
Blown glass chandelier with adjustable height.
there are many different colored vases on display
Murano, 10 cose da fare e da vedere nell'isola del vetro
il vetro di murano 720x380
two glass vases sitting on top of a white table next to books and flowers
Vaso Murano: +50 Modelos para Decorar sua Casa
six different colored glass cups sitting next to each other
Salviati Barena polished glasses
Set of Murano glass drinking glasses
multicolored glass candle holders with candles in them
STRING - Blown glass candle holder by Nason Moretti | ArchiExpo
several different colored glass flowers on display in front of a black background with white border
Whimsical Murano mirrors scoop Bonhams Prize in Venice