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Meg 11

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Meg 11,the New Industrial design project, born from the research of new formal solutions, is characterized by shapes and lines which emphasize the pathos and the poetry of objects, symbols that transcend their functional nature

Meg 11 - Wash basin with ash planck --- Lavabo/lavatoio con asse in legno di frassino, collezione Meg11

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Washbasin with shelf and Pietraluce® bath thub ---- Lavabo monolite con mensola e vasca in Pietraluce®

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Meg 11 - Wash basin, sanitary wares and accessories ---- Lavabo/lavatoio, sanitari sospesi e accessori. Collezione Meg11

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Meg 11 - Washbasin black --- Lavabo sospeso colore nero, collezione Meg11

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Meg11- Washbasin, Wall-hung w.c. and bidet

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Meg 11 - Iroko wooden monolith Washbasin --- Lavabo monolite in legno iroko, collezione Meg11

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Meg 11 - Washbasins monolith and sanitary wares ----- Lavabo monolite e sanitari a terra, collezione Meg11

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Meg 11 - Wall mounted urinal --- Orinatoio sospeso, collezione Meg11

Meg 11 - Washbasin with shelf ---- Lavabo monolite con mensola, collezione Meg11

Meg 11 - Accessories bathroom