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two rocks in the shape of people hugging each other with grass and flowers around them
Pebble Art Engagement Gift Unique Engagement Gift Wedding | Etsy
Pebble Art - Valentine's Day Gift - Unique Engagement Gift - Couple's Gift by MedhaRode
four different stages of growing succulents in wooden trays on the floor
Succulents. these clementine boxes are so cute, what a great use for them!
there is a small tree and some rocks in the frame on the wall next to it
two pictures with birds sitting on branches and rocks in the bottom one has a white frame
Planeta Boca Juniors - Las últimas noticias del Xeneize
two pictures of birds hanging from a branch
Planeta Boca Juniors - Las últimas noticias del Xeneize
Pebble Art by Sharon Nowlan - Createsie
a shadow frame with rocks and trees in the grass, as if it were made out of paper
Painted twigs, beads with small wiring for the twigs, a painted background and rocks and look what you can make with a little imagination. From do-it-yourself decorating ideas on Facebook.
two people are standing in the sand with rocks and shells around them, one person is holding his head
there are many colorful objects on the wall
serie ARROCCATI - Bufalini/pebbleart
Each creation is a unique piece made and hand painted. I often work on commission, on request I repeat also the subjects sold out while keeping ...