Voodoo doll

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a person holding a small stuffed animal in their hands
Craft: Day of the Dead Doll (Free Pattern)
DIY Day of the Dead Doll made with Cricut Explore -- Aesthetic Nest. #DesignSpaceStar Round 4
three voodoo dolls sitting next to each other
VooDoo BabyDoll Plushies by KatGore on DeviantArt
@: Deviant Brooches...fabrica This reminds me of one of my best friends.. lol.
two green and one blue stuffed animals with pins in their ears on a white surface
Voodoo Doll Pincushion How To - a Great Beginner's Sewing Project - Red Ted Art - Kids Crafts
Make your own Voodoo pin cushions - fun for Halloween, makes a great gift AND beginners sewing project
a man in white pants and black eye makeup with fake teeth on his face is posed as a doll
How to make a voodoo doll. Voodoo dolls to hang from the balcony
a black and white skeleton with blue eyes on a white background, it appears to be made out of felt
I love this little guy! It's supposed to be for Day of the Dead but who says I can't make it for Halloween?