Gabriela Alves Dos Santos

Gabriela Alves Dos Santos

Ci metterò un giorno, un mese, forse qualche anno, ma ricordati che ciò che voglio ottengo...
Gabriela Alves Dos Santos
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Printables are the perfect way to stay organised without breaking the bank. I love making and using them myself, and so I hope you find them useful for studying, your day-to-day life or even both....

theorganisedstudent: “hey everyone! I’ve decided to put together some free printables which you might find useful for your studies. I’ve made a daily planner for in depth, day to day planning and a.


Look it up Charles before you pin BS about me being a Leo. Its me not wanting to socialize with you because the words you speak are sickening to me. What's funny is your 24 hours 😂😂 yeah not you.

dopo il fiume cosa c'è?

"He wants me to be steady. Like the river. But it's not steady at all!" Pocahontas is one of my favorite princesses :) best thing about a river is you never step in the same river twice.