Italian Brioche Peaches Filled with Lemon Cream

The last pinner said: "Pesche dolci di pasta brioche" - Looks to me to be halved sugared pastries, made to look like peaches, with mint leaves and sandwiched cream/custard.

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Complete Garden Set Made Out Of Repurposed Pallets

Garden set entirely made out of pallets and composed of a bench, a table and 2 armchairs!

Girelle alla Nutella senza cottura

Girelle alla Nutella senza cottura

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Rotoli dolci - raccolta ricette. Io adoro i rotoli dolci; sono semplici e veloci da realizzare e si prestano a qualunque tipo di farcitura

Rotoli dolci - raccolta di ricette semplici, veloci e golose

Rotoli dolci - raccolta ricette. Io adoro i rotoli dolci; sono semplici e veloci da realizzare e si prestano a qualunque tipo di farcitura

CREMA GIANDUIA ricetta Montersino

CREMA GIANDUIA ricetta Montersino facile

These bottle cutters usually cost about twenty - five dollars on amazon.  Much cheaper to make on your own.

Want to Cut Wine Bottles? Build This Jig!

I think i would put a glass top on this one and a cherry finish would look nice too

Cool idea for a conference table! Would be neat to finish off the look with some stain and glass top so you could make the table a storage or artwork display!

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Vertical pallet gardening table in pallets 2 garden 2 furniture diy with vertical Table pallet. would also make a great outdoor bar!

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Recycled Pallet Into Table

Recycled pallet table After looking for some nice garden furniture in many places, nothing really convinced me and I came out with the idea of a table in my terrace made out of pallets, and once I.

Double up your #outdoor fun with whole #pallets only, no cuttings are involved and no higher experience need for this project ! - Pallets #Garden Party Lounge Projects | 101 Pallet Ideas

the DIY pallet garden party lounge / deck and patio furniture, installed on a green garden carpet and is having a also a swimming pool in sides, an ever best

SAM 0886 600x450 Planter from pallets in pallet garden  with Planter pallet

Planter From Pallets

Planter with a central and three staircases on the sides to plant fruits and vegetables. Convenient for people who want a small garden on their terrace Planter made out of pallets for fruits or vegetables! Idea feels by fred Schmiz!

Garden Bar made from Reclaimed Timber and Discarded Pallets. Would be great to have in the back yard during graduation parties! Use some of these Rust-Oleum:( ) great colors to spice it up or tie it into your party theme!

Garden Bar Made from Reclaimed Timber and Discarded Pallets

An L-shaped Bar & Stools Made From Wood Crates: bar table Easy DIY Patio Furniture Projects You Should Already Start Planning

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We can use some old wooden pallets to make the basic frame and structure of the couch. It will not cost much amount as recycled pallets are easily available in