I think this would be fun....until I had to cut into the cute animals to eat them. :

That orange cat is the best! Food Art: orange cat, asparagus snail, and onion skunk. Bring these fruit and vegetable kitchen animals to life with your kids the next time it rains.

Sandwich Cake - recipe (fren)

Sandwich Cake

Sandwich Cake - smoked salmon, cucumber, cream cheese, chives (This recipe is from France, scroll down to open 'Traducteur/Translator' to understand the ingredients)


Gurken Krokodil - Gemüse Deko für Kinder *** Cucumber Crocodile - Deco Idea for…


Dinner Rolls, Bread Knots, Easy, awesome idea, little bit fancy (Cheese Straws Mary Berry)

mini hot dog - sanil shaped


Although i dun encourage processed food for my kids, these mini hot dog in snail shaped are really kinda fun for the once in bluemoon breakfast

Aceitunas, queso en crema... y pingüinos. No, no es una combinación imposible, es un divertimento. Delícies de la Terreta.

CREAM CHEESE OLIVE PENGUINS diy food ideas diy food food photography diy snack craft food party favor ideas or you could use grapes instead of olives.


Scatola di sfilati alle olive con salumi e formaggi

Make your veggies into animals. You kid will love these broccoli and cauliflower shaped like poodles

Animal fun food: Broccoli and Cauliflower dogs! Get them to eat their veggies by making them fun!

Фрукты как украшение стола


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