Vintage | lavender bottles  #Gabriella #Ruggieri selection

Vintage lavender bottles: shall I start a purple glass collection too? Shaun may just kill me but these are so pretty :)

Jack Daniel's To Release White Whiskey

Jack Daniel's Unaged Rye Whiskey - Are white whiskeys suddenly the cool thing to do? I feel like I never saw them before a month ago and now they're everywhere (cool drinks design)

Paregoric bottle 1740 - 1800 Paregoric is camphorated tincture of opium. I can remember that when I was a kid in the we had a bottle of this, high up in the cabinet. It smelled awful.

Beautiful Examples of Creative Packaging Design

Boris Zbikowski  #Gabriella #Ruggieri selection

Yngve Ekstrom circle chair and lots of colourfull glass bottles. A midcentury modern room with a male vibe.

Five American Whiskies To Get Excited About

Rhetoric 20 Year Bourbon (Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Co.

Black Beard's Dye — 826 Valencia Pirate Supply Store by Office, via Behance

99 CENT AUCTION! 1930's Central Dairy Quart Cream Top Milk Bottle Owen-Illinois Glass

Vecchia Romagna Etichetta Nera Brandy #Gabriella #Ruggieri selection

Amber toned bottles for an apothecary, antique style. Combine with a modern, simplistic label and logo for a fresh, unisex and contemporary aesthetic.

Spumante 3 fortana Cantine Ceci. #Gabriella #Ruggieri selection