Gabriella Gramaglia

Gabriella Gramaglia

Gabriella Gramaglia
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Blue stairs - chefchaouen

Chefcaouen was painted blue by the Jewish refugees that lived there in the but the hue is maintained today every spring by local residents. Not only does it keep them cool but is thought to be a spiritual color symbolic of the sky, god and heaven.

Lavender Field Storms.. by Antony Zacharias Source: via

This is a stunning "portrait". Love the balance, the way the lone tree element stands out, and the drama of the dark overhead. I think the color manipulation was a bit too extreme, I would have gone with a more subtle treatment.

Pallet in stile Shabby chic! 20 bellissime realizzazioni fai da te da cui trarre ispirazione…

Pallets also are very often used in boards creating, especially if it concerns DIY furniture projects.