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Сумки, сумочки , кошельки.

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Разные сумки с выкройками. Шьём к лету. - Клуб рукоделия - Страна Мам

Сумки, сумочки , кошельки))))

Various handbags with patterns. Sew the summer. - Needlework Club - Country Mom:

Come riciclare gli scampoli di stoffa per realizzare delle comode borse "foto e schemi"

[★수욜까지세일-*입체날개 부엉이 파우치 (초록)* (수욜 발송됨)]

[★수욜까지세일-*입체날개 부엉이 파우치 (초록)* (수욜 발송됨)]

Summer Tote Bag Patterns

New Summer Tote Bags

Really cute summer tote bag, by the very talented Geta Grama (Geta's Quilting Studio) So nice to subtly announce you are a teacher.


Cute bag-it's inspired me to start bag making again, even though I have a cupboard full of cute bags too pretty for carrying shopping though.

Gather Up: 1 yard fabric for exterior of bag 2/3 to 1 yard fabric for interior of bag 2/3 yard of heavy stabilizer (Pellon 65) magnetic snap 2 round rings for straps 1 8" long zipper (if inside pocket is desired) fabric 10" x 12" for pocket (again, if desired) piece of closed cell foam 2" x 18" (see footnote 1) Get the Pattern Get the Instructions

Hobo Bag - Free PDF Pattern

Hobo Bag - Free Pattern Love this one. Want to sew the straps on instead tho. Use decorator fabric.

Tantissimi Tutorial Per Borse Fai Da Te + Cartamodelli per poterle realizzare