Moonlit Ride

Swinging on the moon. Really cute for a little girls room. // Yes, this would be perfect for a mural in her room.


Great Margaret Thatcher quote: "Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't.


I like this quirky little giraffe. He's simple, yet very detailed. And I like the fact that the artist used black and white rather than colors Giraffe by Nicole Cioffe - Graphic Design

Alissa Evans

Love the layering of black illustration over watercolor texture // Watercolor Floral by Alissa Evans, via Behance Layered colors (idea for feature or art spread)

Judith Geher    How do artists use examples from art history to help them make decisions about their own artwork?  Ex: Judith Geher is influenced by Impressionism.

Line drawings partially covered in thick oil paint masquerading as flowers! This is the work of Toronto based artist Judith Geher. Most of her work seems to range between to

Teaching Subjective Narrative: Letter from New Orleans in The New Yorker

Leaving Desire

Letter from New Orleans:Leaving Desire The Ninth Ward after the hurricane. by Jon Lee Anderson September 2005

Vogue - Édition Lingerie Inspirationen

My favorite artwork of Danny Roberts Fashion illustration by Danny Roberts is inspired by Vogue Paris December 2004 /January 2005 Cover of Sofia Coppola by Mario Testino.

♥ butterfly

a butterfly heart for susie. Wallpaper and background photos of For Susie,A Butterfly Heart for fans of Butterflies images.