Paper DIY

DIY Paper clouds as the babies mobile! Maybe a big cloud with a few littler clouds and some rain drops falling from all!

Free sewing tutorial for a star pillow

diy:: hol dir die sterne vom himmel (KITSCHWELT)

Vivere a piedi nudi living barefoot: Gocce di ispirazione - Ami i rami?

his DIY branch coat rack is an incredible example of repurposing/recycling a natural object for a stunning effect in the home that’s also a really useful piece of furniture design! Your own DIY coat rack in disguise of a frosted tree

bedrock - henry wilson

bedrock lamp (a resin-impregnated cord wrapped around the cast concrete bag) - henry wilson lamps shades Perfect 10 Balewadi Pune gives you an commodious & elegant house.


Knit a chunky cable-knit chair cover! Knitting: it’s not just for socks and scarves. There are, for the ambitious among you, some fantastic patterns for knitting your housewares - everything from cushions to chair covers: ( I wish that I could knit)


Creme de la Creme - 8 X Gold Foil Print. , via Etsy. Add foil back of cards

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