Gabi Louise
Altre idee da Gabi
Short Summer Stories Bulletin Board--love this for the first week back--can change expectations for "short" in different grades.
I love this idea for building community.
"Welcome to our Hive" bulletin Board and "The best place to "Bee"
I think something similar would be a nice welcoming display to create before term starts. It will be nice for the children to see themselves on the wall on their first day.
Pirate welcome back to school bulletin board. I ended up using sticky tack to get
Our Class Iron Man all finished. All the materials were bits that our children brought in. Plastic plant pots.. Boxes, tubes, lots and lots of foil. I drew an outline of the iron man in chalk first to give the children an idea. Then over the next few days they set about using the materials to make a 3D model that measured nearly 2 metres high.
If ...when I teach 4th grade again, this becomes my theme for the year. Edison and inventors in general but using them to teach growth mindset.
Arty Crafty Kids | Art | Cling Film Art | A fun art idea for kids that great for colour mixing and mess free sensory art.
Have students lay under their tables or desks and reach up to color or draw on paper taped on the bottom of their table/desk...great way to sneak in shoulder and wrist strengthening!
Celery fish