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acacia is freaking amazing!(: I love talking to her

sorry for the soo much post on Acacia been kinda loving her style Lately~ xoxo Ryan


i was cheated on, on my birthday. but its alright. what do i have to lose for someone i told everything to -acacia

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{Fc: Acacia Clark (all hair) } Hey I'm Winter Hemmings. I'm 17 and very shy. I may be crushing. I LOVE with all life! *giggles* I have an older brother and a twin sister.

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There are 4 tips to buy this hat: chillin boots shirt acacia brinley shoes t-shirt cap pants vêtement rock leggings vintage noir smoke exactly like the picture.

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put a crop top on. i dont think i like how i look *frowns* i look like ace. too peppy and always fake smiling to make others happy -Kristin