Vintage Poster - Baby & Marlboro Cigarettes

So SICK. An innocent baby saying."Gee, Mommy you sure enjoy your Marlboro!" Why would you mix babies and Ciggies in an ad? Really bad idea! This ad is bad enough, then you put that goofy embarrassing hat on that poor kid!

Vintage Poster - Visit Java

Only 36 hours from Singapore File name: Title: Visit Java. Only 36 hours from Singapore Created/Published: G. Kolff & Co. Date issued: (approximate) Physical description: 1 print (poster) : color Genre: Travel posters;

Vintage Poster - Netherland India

Come and See Netherland India. Netherland India, also known as Deutsche Indische, .or in Indonesian: Hindia Belanda

Vintage Poster - Baby & 7up

and Dad must have seen this add (with Coke) 1955 Seven Up original vintage advertisement. Promoting purity and wholesomeness, advised young mothers to add the soft drink to babies' milk in equal parts to coax fussy toddlers at mealtime!

Vintage Poster - Lady & Tipalete Cigarettes

Vintage Poster - Lady & Tipalete Cigarettes

Vintage Poster - Baby & Gillette

Baby- Face Bias: This ad would catch someone's attention because of the cute baby-face in it and then realize that the ad is for a razor. "Gillette safety razor- made especially for those that must start shaving early in life"