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Learn Pilates DVD; 10 Minute Workout on the Small Ball, Beginner/Intermediate Level

SCULPT, TONE, & TRIM your body with this 15 minute PILATES workout. Use a mini ball to help fire muscles and get lean! Tone ABS, LEGS, & more!

The wunda chair...My favorite equipment for home. It really does fit well in the living room, and guests do sit on it too when we run out of space! : )

'Have to try this at the studio tomorrow!

'Have to try this at the studio tomorrow!

"PASSÉ On a Reformer" Passé is translated to "passed" and is when a dancer bends one leg into a triangle so the knee is in line whit the hips and and the toes are attached to the other legs knee. That's it. ✌️ * www.mypilates-place.com

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to have my own reformer and an in home personal trainer to help me use it! in my home on the beach!!

Booty Burn on the Pilates Reformer - YouTube

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