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an old rusted fire hydrant in front of a white building with blue shutters
"And if you get thirsty, I 'll have fresh water in a pot for you..."
"And if you get thirsty, I 'll have fresh water in a pot for you..." | por Aster-oid
two women carrying trays of doughnuts on their heads down the stairs in an alleyway
Kárpathos Island
Astrea visited Pyrgi one of the most historical villages in Greece.It is known as the "painted village"on account of the decoration of the houses.
It is the traditional seat of the Mastic villages,a group of villages where the residents engage with mastic agriculture.This is the true gum and it only grows on this island.Μαστιχειν People, Greece, Thasos, Athens, Chios, Greece People, Cyprus, Chios Greece
two men sitting on the beach next to boats
Nazaré Imagens e fotografias de stock
Nazaré Imagens e fotografias - Getty Images
a woman in a white hat and dress is looking at clothes hanging on a line
Karpathos 2009 | por kruijffjes
an old woman sitting on steps talking on her cell phone
a man in a long black robe and hat walking down a street next to a building
Karpathos 2009
an alley way with white buildings and blue shutters
[:en]Greece's hidden gem: karpathos beaches, what to see and more[:]
www.thegoldenbun.com | visit Karpathos, what to do on Karpathos, karpathos beaches
the best beaches and towns in karpathos, greece with text overlay
Guide to the best places on Karpathos Island | Greece
one week itinerary karpathos greece route map and hotels by nothing familiar travel
Karpathos Greece One Week Itinerary: Route, Hotels, & Travel Tips
the packing list for what i wore in greece with text overlaying that reads packing list what i wore in greece
Greece Vacation Packing List: What to Wear in Athens, Mykonos and Santorini - Get Your Pretty On®
an aerial view of a sandy beach and clear blue water with umbrellas on it
A touch of exotic beauty at Apella beach on Karpathos