Australian Aboriginals believe in a sacred era, the Dreamtime, in which ancestral totemic spirits created everything in the world. In fact, according to them, all things and events that exist today are part of a complex network of relationships that trace back to the Dreamtime. There, the souls of all the places and creatures, including …

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Things I can give you: a smile, the gardens I love and wide open arms

Disseta i rami il tuo silenzio bianco. E’ primavera

Sounds, feelings and thoughts and the ache of your absence in a clear sky

Every grief is concealed under a light and candid desert; a blurred skyline drops and everything is possible again. A white leaf sets free to imagine new worlds and lives; or, without any addition, to smile under a frozen and soft quilt that will ease down on each and every …

A man in tears stands everything moves around him “It rains” then he says

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