Francesco Stagno D'Alcontres

Francesco Stagno D'Alcontres

Francesco Stagno D'Alcontres
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DIY Sled to record Mobile Device User Testing -   Slitta fatta in casa per registrare le sessioni di User Testing su ogni tipo di smartphone. #LikeMacGyver #uxdesign #DIY #idibcorp

Do not let tech distract your users from their needs: our design-centered approach relies heavily on real-world prototyping and experience. We deliver easy-to-use experiences that fit your needs and delight your users.

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Swedish designer Love Hultén has created the Battlecade, a portable face-to-face arcade console for two players inspired by classic board games like Battle

This ash and American walnut arcade game cabinet was designed by Swedish craftsman Love Hulten.

Limited edition of Pixelkabinett 42 is a handmade arcade cabinet that comes with an original jamma board or can be customized to run a built-in computer, emulating your favorite games through MAME

Would you slash out €2,499 for the portable R-Kaid-R arcade machine by Love Hulten?

then we bet you are going to love the R-Kaid-R Portable Arcade Gaming Device by Love Hulten. as with Love Hulten's previous works, the R-Kaid-R is clad in an evergreen retro wooden


iPhones are wonderful things for many reasons, but you can't run screen-recording or screen-sharing software in the background during research sessions.

for the MOBILE STARTUP: mobile device ux testing sled from Neon22 $91

These sleds are ideal for usability testing.