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an image of the back side of a computer screen with text in white and black
Kid: who are you? Suspect: I'm Bob. Kid: why are you here? Suspect: the cops think I killed my brother Kid: why? Suspect: I didn't kill him, he was my brother Kid: why? Suspect: because...he just was. We were both born from the same parents. Kid: why? Suspect: because we just were. Our parents had 3 kids. Kid: why? Suspect: they just did, okay? My brother and I were twins and then a few years later my little sister came along. Kid: why? Suspect: she just - look, never mind. I didn't kill my brother. I loved him. Kid: why? Suspect: why what - Why didn't I kill my brother or why did I love him? Kid: why? Suspect: I had no reason to kill my brother! Why would I want to kill my family? Kid: Why? Suspect: I wouldn't! I mean, we're not exactly the closest family but still... VIA Kid: why? Suspect: just because. Kid: because why? Suspect: because I said so! Kid: why? Kid: whyyyy? Kid: why why why why why why why why whywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhyw Kid: Suspect: BECAUSE MOMMY AND DADDY LOVED MY BROTHER THE MOST Kid: why Suspect: he was born first! He was seven minutes older! I was always living in his shadow! Kid: why Kid: WWWWHHHHHHYYYYY Kid: WHYWHYWH YWH YWH YWH YWH YWH YWH YWH- Kid: WHY! WHY! WHY! WHY! WHY! Suspect: BECAUSE HE KNEW I WAS A KILLER! I killed my family! I killed my brother! I KILED THEM ALL!!! Kid: why Suspect: I JUST WANTED TO BE LOVED Kid: why Suspect: I...I don't know. Kid: ok. I'm gonna go play with my Legos Head Detective: kid, we've been trying to crack this case for a year and you did it in 4 minutes. Kid: can I have a lollipop now? Head Detective: just one. Your mom doesn't want to ruin your dinner. Kid: why Head Detective: oh dear god - iFunny
a pigeon is standing on the concrete and looking at something in the distance with its tail extended
50 Animals Doing Whatever They Like, As Shared On This Instagram Account (New Pics)
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Urban Survival Site
os sem floresta...entendedores entenderão
a computer screen with an image of a skeleton on it and the caption that reads, oh god i have done it again
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New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
a woman sitting in a pile of trash cans with her hands on her face and arms crossed
Ah ah ah
a man sitting on the floor in a suit of armor next to lockers with doors
When you skip class and try not to look suspicious...
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a skeleton sitting on top of a shelf in a store
people sitting on the ground in front of a building and one person is taking pictures with their cell phones