The construction of Golden Gate Bridge

Funny pictures about Building the Golden Gate Bridge. Oh, and cool pics about Building the Golden Gate Bridge. Also, Building the Golden Gate Bridge photos.

“Teddy Boys” by BEN WATTS

Edwardians, or “Teddy Boys” as they became known, are an English youth subculture that created a distinctive style by wearing clothes inspired by the Edwardian period that the tailors of Savile Row attempted to reintroduce after world war two.

NYC Subway in 1973

Photographs of New York Subway in 1973 included in a project by Erik Calonius, called DOCUMERICA.

Cloud city 2

10 Tantalizing Cloud City Illusions

Asiago Plateau, Italy Photograph by Vittorio Poli, "Amazing!" The small town where I live (Asiago plateau, Italy) is shrouded in fog in this image taken from the top of a mountain.

Cloud city

Community Post: 10 Tantalizing Cloud City Illusions

Foggy Sunrise in Vancouver, BC Shot from First Lookout on Cypress Mountain

NYC Subway in 1973

New York City subway, My first subway trip was in 1978 (on the South Ferry Broadway Local, matter of fact). When I stepped in the car I felt as if I'd walked into a psychedelic dream.

NYC Subway in 1973

From 1971 to the Environmental Protection Agency asked freelance photographers to shoot images related to environmental issues that were overwhelming the turbulent The Documerica projec.