Davide Rinaldi

Davide Rinaldi

Milano / "Perché scatti foto?" Beh, perché posso tenere un occhio chiuso sulla realtà che non mi piace e aprirne uno su quella che scelgo io.
Davide Rinaldi
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I love this photo - super cool bike!  Early racing cyclist.

Portrait - Face - Photo - Handlebar moustache, handlebar on bike

Cycling Shoe X-Ray

cadenced: “Xrayed feet in Gaerne carbon G. Chrono cycling shoes with Speedplay cleats from All Terrain Track Rides.

Bike Love

GREAT FACADE---As part of a clever advertising stunt, a German bike shop hangs its inventory on its façade, letting passersby know that there's a new bike shop in town—and creating a striking, sculptural installation.