Jelly Crystal. Pretty for decoration maybe? I don't get if this is edible. But it's really pretty!

Jelly Crystal - NB: 2 packets clear gelatine, boiling water, cool water…shared by Where YoUth Rise.

Olive Cheese Bumblebees (fun snacks for kids)

Animal Snack Attack

Little Prince, the fox, and the rose

The Cake Studio

The cutest Little Prince ever! And it's a cake! used to make cakes in Home Economics like this (fondant style) gingerbread houses too .

Bear hamburger

Bear sandwich -- bite into the detached head of an innocent, cute bear and devour him piece by piece.

Edible art by Sandra van den Broek - Moodkids | Moodkids #kids #eat #kidseating #nice #tasty #food #kidsfood #desser

Voor dit beschuitje kom ik mijn bed wel uit

edible art by sandra van den broek Van den Broek - inspiratie bento

the time & patience to cut out all these flower petals and leaves! So many tabebuia rosea trees r blooming at the same time in ! Have to make a bento to capture this rare moment. (Bento idea is inspired by artwork of local artist Lee Kow Fong.

Red Riding Hood by Lee Samantha -

Ingredients Red Riding Hood - Onigiri (ketchup+rice) - Nori (seaweed ) - Cheese slice - Mayonnaise (stripes on the bag) Big bad wolf - Tofu - Nori (seaweed) Created by Samantha Lee

// doggy donut //

Doggy Donuts

Baked these super cute doggy donuts today! woof~~ They are so easy to bake and very yummy. The doggy donuts have a lovely cake, bread, hotcake like texture. Moist and fragrant!